Lauren Fine, Learner Advocate

A native of Aurora, Colorado, Lauren spent many years teaching in St. Louis, Ghana, and Denver before becoming a school administrator and educator trainer. Lauren earned her Master’s Degree in elementary education from Regis University. She is also a member of America Achieves, Collaborative for Student Success, Student Achievement Partners, and Stand for Children and works at the intersection between the classroom and education policy. In addition to being a Learner Advocate with the ReSchool Colorado team, Lauren is an educational consultant with Book Trust and Guild Education. She believes all children deserve access to a quality education and she advocates for those rights both locally and abroad. She is also the co-president of the Ghana Educational Collaborative, which she co-founded in 2009.

“I’ll be watching how new approaches beyond the traditional system, like ReSchool Colorado, can offer lessons around the governance implications of public-private out-of-school learning models. These new approaches may just offer the chance to truly reinvent governance and accountability from the ground up.”

Julia Freeland Fisher, Christensen Institute