Building Blocks

Some of the fundamental components of the system have already started to take shape. As we learn more and progress through the design process, these building blocks will continue to evolve and more will emerge.  


The ReSchool game is a card-based learning tool designed to help participants explore the possibilities of new pathways for learning. In teams of 4 -7 players, each participant takes on the role of a learner, age 17-21. In approximately 30 minutes of play, learners are challenged to build a powerful story of learning that represents one year in a learner's life. Based on their goal, a challenge and an interest, learners choose opportunities and resources that match their needs and meet the expectations of a learning framework.

The ReSchool Game:

Cards | Facilitator's Guide | Reflection

The Thinking Behind the Game

To produce the game yourself, click the 'Cards' link above and download the PDF. Load your printer with standard plain white cardstock (8.5"x11", 100 lb). Print the PDF double-sided, in color. Using a paper cutter, cut the cards along the lines so each one is approximately the size of a business card (2"x3.5"). Your deck should have: 12 Learner cards, 24 Goal cards, 24 Challenge cards, 24 Interest cards, 48 Domain cards, 48 Resource cards, 12 Life cards, 24 Situation cards and 36 Wild cards.

Before you play, be sure to read the Facilitator's Guide to get the most from your experience. We recommend a practice run of the game, or at least reviewing the different cards in advance.

After you play, we ask that you complete the Reflection above so we can learn from your experience. Take a photo of your gameplay and share it with us on Twitter using the hashtag #ReSchoolCO. Enjoy!


This collection of resources has informed our thinking throughout the years we have spent designing a new system. In addition to research, you will find articles and blogs that capture our own reflections along the way as well as the reflections of others as they engage with ReSchool at distinct points in our journey.



Key Competencies

Learning Sciences

Reflections by ReSchool

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