What are our kids learning?

To move beyond reform to real change, ReSchool questions the fundamental assumptions underlying our current education system. Should our children be learning the same things that children did a century ago? Should all young people essentially be learning the same things?


ReSchool starts with the learner and builds an ecosystem of learning opportunities and other supports around them by bundling a unique playlist of experiences that drives towards individual goals. Families choose a learner advocate to help them understand the resources and opportunities within and beyond their community, and to assist them in making choices that match their child's needs and interests.


Progress and achievement are defined by a Framework for the Future of Learning focused on success in the educational, economic, social and civic tasks of modern adulthood. This is a powerful shift from our longtime approach to education. Instead, what students are learning in the ReSchool system is based on a customized pathway that matches necessary content with personal learning needs and goals.


By focusing on the learner, ReSchool creates the space for people to grow as individuals and as collective members of our society in a way that is meaningful and relevant to them. Families are empowered by a new financing model that allows learners to choose from a more diverse menu of learning options that vastly expands upon the narrow scope and curriculum of today's classroom.

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Key Components of The ReSchool System

WHY should kids learn?

Academic achievement is based on very old ideas about what it means to be educated. These valuable standards and traditions can be redefined to sync up with what young people need today to lead successful, meaningful lives.

How should kids learn?

The opportunities for valuable learning outside the traditional delivery model are endless. By taking advantage of them, we can create a dynamic, engaging system built around individual learners and their communities.

"We are shifting to self-organising systems, where learning is an emergent phenomenon.”

Sugata Mitra, The School in the Cloud