Designing Education for Today


Almost nothing in our society today is one-size-fits-all. Learning shouldn't be, either. Education doesn't have to be the same for everybody.


Our standards of achievement should be high, and they should anticipate the real demands and opportunities awaiting our children.


Learning occurs in many places, both within and beyond the classroom. Everyone should have access to a variety of rich learning experiences.

Success in young adulthood depends on more than just academic achievement. We can amend our traditional standards to better incorporate what young people will need to lead meaningful lives in the coming century.

ReSchool’s Framework for the Future of Learning is designed to capture learning that happens anywhere so that each learner develops the skills and dispositions necessary for their lives.

Framework for the Future of Learning (PDF)

"Never before has the opportunity been greater to use existing resources differently to benefit student learning."

Lisa Duty, The Learning Accelerator