Education Designed for Today

Education happens today much the same way it did a century ago. Students experience a limited range of learning opportunities based on narrow expectations for what people need to know in order to be successful. 

This model doesn't meet the needs of learners or the demands of contemporary life. Nor does it take full advantage of the opportunities created by generations of progress in every sector of our society.

It's time to rethink learning and go beyond reform to fundamental change. We have all the tools necessary to develop an education system that's more personalized, modernized and diversified.


Almost nothing in our society today is one-size-fits-all. Learning shouldn't be, either. Education doesn't have to be the same for everybody.


Our standards of achievement should be high, and they should anticipate the real demands and opportunities awaiting our children.


Learning occurs in many places, both within and beyond the classroom. Everyone should have access to a variety of rich learning experiences.

What should kids learn?

In addition to the fundamentals, we have the ability to offer young people a much broader range of learning to spark their curiosity and introduce them early on to careers matching their skills, passion and experiences.

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WHY should kids learn?

Academic achievement is based on very old ideas about what it means to be educated. These valuable standards and traditions can be redefined to better align with what young people need to lead successful, meaningful lives.

How should kids learn?

The opportunities for valuable learning outside the traditional delivery model are endless. By taking advantage of them, we can create a dynamic, engaging system built around individual learners and their communities.

Needed: A ReOrganization

Almost everything needed to build a new system already exists. But we need to rethink how these resources are organized. Some of these changes will be easy, others will require a significant amount of political will.

Needed: ReVitalized Values

Our current system is built on strong values. Together we aim to revitalize these values and bring them to life throughout every aspect of the ReSchool system.

  • Welcoming - Designed as one, aligned system, it eliminates barriers to entry, combats complex transitions, and ensures that all have access to extraordinary learning opportunities and resources. It is easy to navigate with a clear process for participation and manageable options.

  • Responsible - The new system values equity and respects the rights, differences and dignity of others in an environment of trust and care, and is accountable to the state and the people it serves. It is characterized by its commitment to transparency, shared ownership and clear metrics for quality.

  • Inspiring - By its very nature, creating a new system is bold. The system fosters a highly inventive culture, and serves as a model and catalyst for systems change within and beyond Colorado.

  • Dynamic - The new system is effectively managed and tolerates an appropriate level of risk and innovation in an effort to continually respond to a fast-moving global society and economy. It is characterized by continuous change within a self-correcting structure driven by data and shared knowledge.

  • CONNECTED - The new system is designed to connect learners with resources and experiences, passions with needs, individuals with peers, peers with communities and a community with the world. By leveraging the potential of technology and people, learners in the new system create customized paths to connect their present learning to their desired future.

  • World Class - The new system is an international model of excellence in professional performance, learner outcomes, satisfaction and value. Beginning with building relationships locally, the system fosters cultural competency and expands to ensure global connectedness.

"Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time."

Rabindranath Tagore