• Tony Lewis launches ReSchool Colorado as an initiative of Donnell-Kay Foundation, with Amy Anderson at the helm. Broad research informs ReSchool's vision and design.
  • We partner with a group of families in a human-centered design process. This experience surfaces concepts that make up a shared vision for a learner-centered education system.
  • We conduct a one-year pilot of the Learner Advocate Network with two Denver-based employers to test its functions, structure, operations, tools, and ultimately its impact on the learning of youth and their families.

  • We file paperwork for ReSchool to become an independent non-profit to grow emerging concepts.

  • We partner with the Clark-Fox Foundation to bring Blueprint4Summer to Colorado, greatly expanding access to summer learning for kids in Denver, Boulder and Aurora.

"Never before has the opportunity been greater to use existing resources differently to benefit student learning."

Lisa Duty, The Learning Accelerator