ReSchool Timeline

In the design phase of our work, we are constantly driving towards the same question: what else do we need to learn in order to launch a learner-centered system? We have much work to do before that day comes, and we hope you'll join us. Each prototype, project and partnership we choose to engage in with users throughout Colorado is a conscious effort to learn more about one or multiple components of the new system.


Conduct intensive design process through prototyping


Incorporate learning into a system proposal


Pursue a policy path to creating the system


A new system is


50,000 Colorado youth, from babies to young adults, are learning in a new system

Year One

  • Soft launch of the Donnell Kay Foundation's commitment to designing a new education system
  • Engaged in Request for Information (RFI) process to uncover potential partners and ideas to inform the design of the system
  • Created the branding, vision and visualization of a future system

Year Two

  • Official launch of ReSchool Colorado
  • Partnership with the Clayton Christensen Institute to identify entry points for the new system
  • Partnership with Greater Good Studio & Boulder Housing Partners to engage in user-centered design process focused on early learners age 0-5 and their families
  • Research & expert input on the policies driving the system, such as finance and governance
  • Secured funding support from the Gates Family Foundation

Year Three

  • Second phase of partnership with Greater Good Studio and Boulder Housing Partners continued utilizing user-centered design to prototype multiple components of the new system, including the role of the advocate, an expanded eco-system of learning opportunities, and access to/autonomy over spending dollars    
  • Conducted a prototype with Fidelis Education and five community partners to further explore the relationship between an advocate, technology and a drive for student agency
  • Researched and wrote a competency-based Framework for the Future of Learning in the new system
  • Continued support from Gates Family Foundation and new funding from Walton Family Foundation
  • Further developed our vision, mission, and theory of action; refined our timeline and strategy
  • Expanded communication and documentation, which led to the creation of this website

Year Four

  • Focus on learners who are 17-21 years old and 0-6 years old
  • Partner with Greater Good Studio and a variety of users to design a workshop experience that builds engagement with the ReSchool vision through an interactive game
  • Explore a framework to measure quality and value in the new system by engaging learning providers in a prototype - designing, delivering and evaluating summer learning opportunities for young adults
  • In partnership with KnowledgeWorks, host a convening with 150 diverse users and stakeholders on the topic Learning Rebundled: Education for a New Era
  • Expand our network and knowledge base to support new entrants who express a readiness and interest in the ReSchool vision
  • Identify and pursue policy opportunities that allow for more expansive learner-centered education pathways in Colorado

More to come...

"Education is not simply preparation for life; education is life itself."

John Dewey